How to Hack WiFi Password Without Root – In this technological era, it feels like you can't live comfortably if you don't have an internet connection, especially if you work at home (WFH). We may often use wifi to get an internet connection, be it at home, at work, or in a cafe.

Wifi is a tool that provides a fast & stable internet connection. However, unfortunately, wifi is often locked or passworded by the owner, it is because so that no one uses the wifi network and also to secure the wifi.

Then, how do you unlock the wifi password? In this article we will provide a guide on how to hack wifi using the WIBR+ application and without root.

What is the WIBR+ App?

Before continuing this method, you must first know what the WIBR+ application is, WIBR+ is an application that functions to break into wifi networks by cracking passwords one by one until the password is found.

This method is called a brute force attack, which guesses the password until it is found. If you don't know what brute force is you can read about it below.

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How to Hack WiFi Using the WIBR+ Application

First download and install the WIBR+ application that we provide below. After successfully installing the application then run the application on your Android device.

Download WIBR+ Pro Application

On the first page of the application, select the "Add Network" menu as shown above, then a list of WiFi networks around you will appear. After that, select the WiFi network you want to hack (note the image below), if the WiFi network has weak security it will be easier to hack.

The next step is to choose the type of attack that will be used to break into the WiFi, there are several choices of attack types and one of them is Bruteforce, select Bruteforce and if you want to change the password combination that will be used click Configure Bruteforce.

We recommend using a combination (lowercase, UPPERCASE, Numbers) to make the cracking process faster, then save the configuration.

If you have finished preparing the attack, then click "Add to Queue", and the WIBR+ application will start breaking into the wifi network with the attack combination created earlier. You only need to wait until the password is found.

This process depends on how difficult the WiFi password is to crack, it usually takes hours or even longer depending on the speed of the cracking process. An example is shown below.

If the password has been found it will say "Password Found!", if you don't want to wait long then use the attack method using the "Custom Dictionary" or WIBR+ prepared Dictionary. This method uses your own wordlist, or a wordlist from an application or you can download a wordlist on the internet

Dictionary or Wordlist is a type of attack that finds passwords by trying all the text in a prepared dictionary or wordlist, the dictionary has many combinations of numbers, letters, symbols, and common words. The goal is to make it easier to find the right and accurate password.

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Breaking into a WiFi network is not easy and requires patience, besides it is important not to access public WiFi because it is not safe. Keep in mind this is for education and knowledge only, do not use this for crime and do with your own risk.

So that's all information and tutorials from us hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article so that other people can also get knowledge.