What is Wordlist and How to Create a Wordlist

AreaHacking.com – Wordlist is an arrangement and collection of words that have been combined by the author, the goal is that the wordlist will be used to crack passwords on social media accounts, websites, wifi, and many more.

Wordlists will be needed when you use cracking tools like John the Ripper, Hashcat, THC Hydra, and others. So in essence, wordlists help the cracking process to be faster, so you don't have to wait long to crack a password. In this article we will explain in full about wordlists.

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Wordlist Functions

The wordlist function is the main ingredient when we want to do the cracking process on an object, for example breaking into accounts, wifi, login admin panels, and others. Because wordlists are basically a powerful weapon to crack passwords, hackers usually combine wordlists with brute force attacks to make the cracking process faster.

Now you know the function of a wordlist, how do you create an accurate wordlist?

How to Create Custom Wordlist

Wordlists can be created manually, using tools, or directly downloading wordlists on Google. But if you want to be more accurate then I recommend creating a wordlist manually, you can simply use notepad to compile a list of passwords and then save the file in .txt format.

However, to create a wordlist manually is not easy so you must have an idea and find information related to the target you want to hack. For example, information such as full name, place and date of birth, nicknames, hobbies, and other information that will later be entered into the wordlist file.

If you want to create a wordlist instantly and uncomplicated then you can use tools like Cupp, Crunch, Wgen.io, or you can also download wordlists available on Google.

Download Wordlist Password

How to Avoid Dictionary Attack

To protect yourself from wordlist or dictionary attacks you can follow the tips we provide below.

1. Use a Difficult Password

Generally, complex passwords prove to be quite effective in avoiding attacks from hackers. Use symbols, numbers, letters, in combination to be safe from wordlist attacks.

2. Enable 2-Step Verification

2-step verification is especially important if you have important data to store, so enable this function to make your account more secure.

3. Change Password Periodically

It is important to always change your password regularly, in order to avoid the risk of being hacked.


Wordlist is a dangerous weapon if it falls into the wrong hands, but it can also be used when you forget your password and want to recover an account. Wordlists aren't just words, they're lists of passwords from all over the world.

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