How to Get Verified on Instagram and Get Blue Tick – The blue tick is a verification mark given by Instagram to accounts that are considered authentic, famous and have significant influence. This mark usually appears next to the account username and indicates that the account is official and operated by the appropriate person or entity.

The blue tick is not just a symbol of recognition from Instagram, but is also an important tool in building trust and credibility.  By having a blue tick, Instagram users are more likely to trust and follow the account, because they believe that it is an official account that deserves to be followed.

Requirements for Getting a Blue Tick

To get a blue tick on Instagram, there are several conditions that must be met by the account owner. Some of these conditions include:

Have a Real and Active Account

Instagram only gives a blue tick to accounts that are considered legitimate and active. This means that the account must actually be owned and operated by the individual or entity concerned.

You also have to be active in using Instagram, for example often posting content, updating instagram stories, using instagram reels, and so on. Because Instagram also evaluates the activity on your account, so you have to be more active.

Understanding Instagram Community Guidelines

Accounts that want to earn the blue tick must comply with all the guidelines and rules that have been set by Instagram. This includes no copyright infringement, no spamming, and no unlawful conduct.

Make sure the content or videos you create do not violate Instagram rules, if you violate Instagram community guidelines then you will not get a blue tick.

You Must be Famous

Instagram tends to give a blue tick to accounts that have significant online popularity outside of the platform. This could mean having an official website, a presence on other platforms like YouTube or Twitter, or being part of an industry or community that shows you're famous.

The more famous you are, the more likely you are to get a blue tick, so make sure you are a person of importance, content creator, public figure or something else that you should have a blue tick for.

Have Unique and Original Content

Accounts that want to get a blue tick must have uniqueness and authenticity in their content and activity. This means producing content that is original, high-quality and relevant to the target audience.

Publish content regularly and make sure it is consistent in style, theme and quality. Interesting and high-quality content is more likely to get attention from Instagram and other users.

Have Many Followers

The number of followers is not the key to getting blue ticks, but it can be one of the factors that can help you to get blue ticks from Instagram. In our opinion, the number of followers required is probably around 10k followers and above.

The point is that having a lot of followers does not guarantee getting a blue tick, but it is very effective in helping to increase the popularity of your account.

How to Request Instagram Verification

If you believe you have met all the requirements to get the blue tick, you can request account verification directly through the Instagram app, in the settings section select Request Verification. Be sure to include the required information and explain why you deserve verification.

Enter your full name and you must also provide proof of identity such as ID Card, Driver license, or Passport. Make sure the identity name is the same as the name on your Instagram account so that the application process is accepted.


Getting the blue tick on Instagram is not easy, but it can be an important step in building trust and credibility.  By complying with the terms set by Instagram and following the steps explained above, you can increase your chances of getting blue tick.

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