How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2023 – A blue tick on Instagram is a verification mark given to accounts that meet certain requirements. A verified account is usually a public account that represents a well-known or influential person, brand, organization, or other entity.

Apart from being an authentication marker, blue ticks can also increase other users' visibility and trust in the account. This is because users tend to trust verified accounts more.

There are two ways to get blue ticks on Instagram, namely for free and paid. But in this article we will review the paid way, for the free way you can check the next article.

How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free

How to Subscribe to Meta Verified Instagram

Since August 2023, Instagram is launching a paid verification service called Meta Verified. The service allows users to get a blue tick by subscribing.

Meta Verified's subscription fee is $10 dollars per month for web users and $15 dollars per month for app users.

Here's how to get a blue tick on Instagram with a Meta Verified subscription:

  1. Open Instagram application
  2. Go to settings section, select “Account Center”
  3. Select the Instagram account you want to subscribe to with the blue tick.
  4. Click "Meta Verified".
  5. Select “Payment Method”.
  6.  Complete the data required for verification.

Requirements Required to Submit Instagram Verification Meta Subscriptions

There are several conditions that are needed before we can subscribe to Instagram Blue Check, here are the requirements

Full Name

Make sure your full name matches the name listed on your Instagram account, and adjust your username before applying for a meta verified subscription.

Date of Birth and Gender

Make sure the identity of the date of birth and gender on your Instagram account matches your ID, because Instagram will adjust your date of birth and gender on the ID.

Official Identification

You will need to submit a photo of your identity such as your ID card, driver's licence, family card, or other forms of identification. You must also be at least 18 years old.

Real Account

Your Instagram account must be active and not a fake account, you must have at least 10 posts.  Your account must also have an original profile photo showing your face.  If your account is indicated as fake and does not match your identity then your account will not get a blue tick,

After completing data and completing payment, your account will be verified within 7 working days.  Sometimes it can be faster.

If your account is disapproved, you'll receive an email from Instagram explaining the reason for the decline. You can apply for re-verification after correcting any existing deficiencies. However, if you do not apply for re-verification, your money will be refunded.

Blue ticks on Instagram can be a valuable asset to your account. With a blue tick, you can increase the visibility, trustworthiness, and credibility of your account.

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