How to Hack Gmail Account – Gmail is undeniably one of the most popular email platforms in the world, used by almost everyone.  However, its popularity has also made it a target for hackers. Losing a Gmail account due to hacking is not rare, and the recovery process is not always easy.

Gmail isn't just email;  it is a gateway to a lot of personal information. Hackers often target these accounts to gain access to sensitive user data.

Therefore, in this article we will provide a guide on how to hack a Gmail account easily. This method can also be used to recover your lost account, forgotten password, and so on. We will also help you to secure your Gmail account from hacker attacks.

Remember that our intention here is to provide education and increase knowledge, not to teach illegal actions.

How to Hack Google Account or Gmail

First, you need to go to the Mailbox Hacking site. The site claims that you don't need any hacking or programming skills, and it can be used easily. This Mailbox Hacking site also allows you to recover Gmail accounts that are forgotten passwords, lost, and other issues.

When you have opened the website, a column display will appear for hacking emails. Select the type of email required, and fill in the column with the email address you want to hack. Here is an example.

The process is quite simple, from entering the target email address and clicking the "Hack" button However, we must be careful because these steps can involve illegal activities, make sure you understand what you are doing. Then wait for the process to complete, usually just a few minutes.

Don't close the site while it is processing, because it could cause it to fail. Just leave it and wait for the hacking process to complete.

If the hacking process is complete you will get the gmail account password, the mailbox will give you a file that contains a collection of important data from the gmail account including the password. You just need to download the file and it's completely free. Easy right?

How to Secure Gmail Account

After knowing how to hack a Gmail account, you also need to understand ways to avoid hacking attempts.  It cannot be denied that losing a Gmail account can be a disaster.  In addition to losing access to email, many other services associated with the account were also impacted.

Avoid Accessing Dangerous Sites

Never click on suspicious links, especially those sent via email. This may be a phishing attempt that could compromise the security of your account.

Use Strong Passwords

Make sure your password is strong and hard to guess. Using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters can make it more secure.

Enable 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification has proven to be effective enough to avoid attacks from hackers, you must use this feature so you don't have to worry if someone tries to hack your Gmail account.


Protecting your Gmail account is not a trivial task. The safety of your personal data and information depends on the security measures you take. Never be tempted to look for unethical methods, as this can harm not only your account but also your privacy.

Your Gmail account is a gateway to many things, so don't ignore its security. With the right steps, you can enjoy the benefits of using Gmail without having to worry about hacker threats.

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