What is a Trojan Virus and How it Works

AreaHacking.com – Trojan viruses or Trojan horses are very dangerous malware and can damage your device's system. In this technological era, various types of viruses are also becoming more sophisticated, especially trojan viruses. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to understand what a trojan virus is and how to avoid it.

In this article, we will discuss what trojan viruses are, how they work, and provide guidance on protecting yourself from trojan viruses.

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What is a Trojan Horse

Trojans are a family of very dangerous malware viruses, but Trojans have a different working system from viruses in general. Trojans can sneak into the target device without being noticed and trojans usually disguise themselves as ordinary files or programs.

Like a Trojan horse, Trojans often disguise themselves as files that you often download, for example games, music, videos, software and other programs. So, the trojan hides in the file you downloaded earlier, after you run or open the file the trojan virus will start attacking your device.

The functions of trojans are that they can delete, copy, create backdoors, track, control, and even damage your device, and there is much more that trojans can do. Therefore, trojans always hide and are difficult to detect by the system.

How Trojan Viruses Work

The purpose of a trojan depends on the virus maker. If the virus maker is good and not annoying then you can calm down for a moment and find a way to delete the virus. However, if the virus maker is bad then you have to be careful because the impact on your device can cause a lot of damage.

Trojans can infect a variety of devices, such as computers, laptops, cell phones, and other devices, even trojans also run in the background so that the impact makes the device's performance decrease and the battery runs out quickly. In most cases, hackers use trojans to remotely control and spy the target device.

Trojans cannot enter your device suddenly, the way it work is when a user downloads, opens, or runs a program that contains a trojan virus. After that, the trojan can infect or control your device, it's important to always be alert so you don't get a trojan virus.

How to Avoid Trojan Viruses

Now you know what a trojan virus is and how it works, but you also need to know how to avoid being attacked by a trojan virus. Because if you're not careful, there is a high possibility that you could be hit by a malware attack.

Here are the steps you can take to avoid trojan viruses:

1. Don't Download Random Files

Avoid this if you often download pirated files or random files, because this can make you susceptible to trojan virus attacks. Make sure the source is safe and trustworthy before you download a file.

2. Use Advanced Antivirus

Antivirus is sometimes quite important for everyone to maintain the security of their device, use antivirus and anti-malware so that your device is safe from trojan attacks.

3. Backup Data

Don't forget to always backup the important data you have, so that when your device is infected with malware you can still recover the data.

4. Check Device Condition Regularly

Check the status of your device whether it is normal or abnormal, usually if a device is infected with a trojan its performance will decrease and be slow. This is because the trojan runs in the background and also drains the battery.

5. Don't Open Dangerous Websites

Not all websites are safe, so pay attention and check that the website does not contain various types of viruses. Usually dangerous websites contain a lot of pop-up ads, open other links suddenly, and more.


It's important to always protect yourself when surfing the internet, because there are lots of viruses out there and one of them is a trojan. Trojans will not be able to infect your device if you can keep your device safe, by following the steps above you don't need to worry about getting a malware virus.

That's all the information and tutorials from us, hopefully it's useful and don't forget to share this article, so that other people can also get knowledge.