What is RAT (Remote Access Trojan) ?


RAT (Remote Access Trojan) virus is a very dangerous type of malware virus, as it is designed to provide remote access to a computer or other device. A RAT is usually hidden inside a harmless looking file such as game files, photos, videos or other application files. Once this file is downloaded and executed, RAT will take over the computer or other device and give the hacker remote control.

Ever heard the news about a group of people committing online fraud and the total casualties reached 493 victims ? If you don't know the news, please look for it, using the Trojan malware method they managed to earn 12 billion rupiah from their victims. They send an application that should not be installed by the user, if the user installs the application then the trojan virus can control the phone remotely.

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With this remote access, attackers can perform various actions that harm the user of a computer or other device, such as stealing personal data, installing additional software, or even damaging the operating system. RAT can take over the computer's camera and microphone to record user activity and perform unwanted eavesdropping.

How to Avoid From Malware Viruses

Therefore, it is important to keep computers and other devices safe by avoiding downloading and running unknown or suspicious files from untrusted sources. In addition, it is recommended to regularly update the security system and software and use a reliable antivirus program to protect yourself from malware attacks. Please be aware that malware virus can infect any device including android phones, iPhones, laptops, computers and others.

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