How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account –  Instagram accounts are an important part of our social life. We use this platform to share precious moments, connect with friends, and build a personal brand. However, sometimes, our Instagram account can be hacked by irresponsible parties, and this can be a very disturbing experience.

In this guide, we will discuss the steps to restore a hacked Instagram account, so you can regain access and control of your account.

Why Your Instagram Account Can Be Hacked

Before we discuss how to solve this problem, let's understand why Instagram accounts can be hacked. Some common reasons include:

1. Weak Password

A weak password can make your account vulnerable to attack. Make sure you always use a strong password, consisting of a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

2. Phishing

Phishing is a fraudulent method used by cybercriminals to steal personal information. They may send you fake emails or links that look like Instagram to steal your password.

3. Brute Force Attack

A brute force attack involves trying all possible passwords until a hacker successfully breaks in. To protect your account, use two-step verification.

4. Third Party Applications

Sometimes, we give third-party apps access to our Instagram account. Make sure these apps are trusted and safe and only given the necessary permissions.

Steps to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account

1. Change Your Password

The first step you have to do is change your Instagram account password. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram application or the official website.
  2. Tap "Forgot Password?" on the login screen.
  3. Enter your email address or username.
  4. You will receive an email from Instagram with a link to change your password. Follow the link and create a strong password.

2. Contact Instagram Support

If you can't access your email or your account has been taken over by hackers, contact the Instagram support team. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app or official website.
  2. On the login screen, tap "Login Help."
  3. Select "I can't sign in."
  4. Follow the guide provided by Instagram to restore your account.

3. Use the Social Media Recovery Application

If the 2 methods above don't work then you must use the Social Media Recovery application , this application functions to recover your Instagram account, provided the account is a personal account.

First download the application here , then install the application. Open the application and go to the Manual Recovery page in the application and select Instagram Recovery, then fill in the required form starting from Full Name, Username, Last Password, Email, and Account Loss Chronology.

After filling in the form, click Submit, and wait for an email reply from Instagram. It usually takes 3 to 7 days.


Recovering a hacked Instagram account can be a time-consuming process, but the steps above can help you regain control of your account. Always make sure to keep your account secure by using a strong password and being careful of suspicious links or apps.

If you're having trouble recovering your account, don't hesitate to contact Instagram's support team. They are ready to help you through this process.

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