How to Hack Twitter Account Easily 2023 – Twitter is a social media that has just changed its name to X and is increasingly popular, and account breaches on twitter accounts are increasingly common. Even a few years ago there were a number of big figures such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others who were victims of hacking.

You must be thinking how to hack a twitter account, so in this article I will teach you how to hack a twitter account easily. But remember, this is only for education and should not be abused.

How to Hack a Twitter Account


The first step, you have to open the following website HackFreeOnline, then select the Twitter option, then enter the Twitter username you want to hack. Please remember that not all accounts can be hacked, so this depends on the level of security of the account.

After entering your Twitter account username then click HACK , wait for the process to complete. Usually it only takes a few minutes.

Above is the process of a twitter account being hacked, so make sure you have entered the username correctly. Because if the username is wrong then the account is not found, sometimes a user profile photo appears during the hacking process.

If the process is complete, the display will look like the one below.


Congratulations! The account has been successfully hacked and you can immediately get the account password by completing one of the specified conditions, you must complete one of the surveys given or share the referral link with 5 of your friends.

After that you can see the results of the account password in your email inbox, quite easy isn't it.


Hacking a Twitter account is quite complicated, but if you have an account that you forgot the password for, you can use this method to get your Twitter account back. Never use this for criminal acts.

That's all our tutorial, hopefully it's useful and don't forget to share this article, so that other people can also get knowledge.