What is Metasploit Framework? Functions and How It Works

AreaHacking.com – Metasploit is one of the most complete and powerful penetration testing tools, metasploit is usually used by cybersecurity experts or pentesters. Metasploit was founded by H.D. Moore and is now owned by the USA-based company Rapid7.

Metasploit is a computer security program that is open-source and free to use. Metasploit can be installed on the Kali Linux operating system or other operating systems. If you are using mobile then you can install metasploit via termux.

With the Metasploit Framework you can test vulnerabilities, create exploits, create backdoors, and much more. Below I will explain what the functions are and how the metasploit program works.

Metasploit Framework Functions

Metasploit has quite a lot of functions and I will explain 5 important functions of Metasploit, here are 5 important functions of Metasploit:

1. Vulnerability Testing

Metasploit is used to identify, analyze, and fix systems that have weaknesses. With metasploit you can perform vulnerability testing on a system, and evaluate the problem.

2. Exploitation

Metasploit provides a series of exploits that you can exploit for discovered vulnerabilities, this is useful for finding out the extent to which a system has weaknesses. Apart from that, exploits can also enter a system illegally and even damage it.

3. Network Penetration

Metasploit can be used to carry out penetration tests on networks and computer systems, with the modules provided. Users can access a network and get the desired information.

4. Social Engineering Toolkit

Metasploit Social Engineering Toolkit is a dangerous tool, because it presents various types of social attacks. Such as Phishing, Backdoors, Email Attacks, Creating fake network replicas, and many other social attacks.

Therefore, this tool is considered dangerous and is usually used by hackers to find someone's weaknesses.

5. Web Application Testing

You can use WMAP Web Scanner in Metasploit to analyze websites and applications, this can also prevent attacks that will occur on websites and applications. With this tool you can find out whether your website and application have vulnerabilities.

How Metasploit Works

The way metasploit works is very easy to understand and learn, metasploit allows users to customize the exploitation module, determine it with the target, then use it on the target system. However, users should look for weaknesses first using tools such as Nmap , WMAP , Nessus and others.

Once a vulnerability in the system is discovered, you can use the exploit module according to your wishes. If the exploit is successful, then you have successfully gained access to the target system.

One of the payloads that is often used is Meterpreter, Meterpreter provides an interactive shell for users to give commands and perform attacks against the target system.

Metasploit can also create a backdoor as we explained above, the backdoor functions as a persistent backdoor if the system has been restarted.

Actually, there are many ways in which Metasploit works because there are various kinds of modules and execution commands. For more details, you can read the documents available on the official Metasploit website here.


Now you know what the Metasploit framework is, its functions and how it works. You can use Metasploit according to your needs, such as maintaining network, website and application security. Don't use metasploit for crimes, use metasploit for useful things.

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