3 Ways to Make Money from The Internet


AreaHacking.com – Hello guys, in this article I will share how to earn income via the internet. Of course, you only need a handphone and the internet, hehe, so I will share 3 tips for making money from the internet that you can try easily.

It is necessary to remember that making money on the internet requires effort, patience, hard work. There are no methods that make money instantly, and they may carry certain risks. Don't just try online jobs that aren't official because you could end up being scammed.

Therefore, the 3 tips that I share are very mandatory to try and have definitely been proven to pay off for users.

3 Tips for Making Money on the Internet

1. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancer site that is trusted and friendly for beginners, so here you can look for jobs offered by clients, the pay is quite diverse and varied depending on what job you choose. Here we use the dollar exchange rate and you will definitely be paid in dollar exchange rates.

First, you register on the Upwork site , after successfully registering, then you can look for work that suits the skills you have. For example data entry, digital marketing, virtual assistants, and many more.

The important point here is that it is very suitable for people who have skills in the internet world, many people have made Upwork their main job, you can see reviews on that site. So what are you waiting for, just try it.

2. Picoworkers

Picoworkes is almost similar to Upwork but this is more precisely micro jobs, so in Picoworkers there are 5 types of tasks starting from Create Account, High Paying (Personal Jobs), Pay Per View, Short URL, Social Media Marketing. You can do these five tasks to get a dollar wage.

First, you register on the Picoworkers site . After registering, you can choose the task you want to do, for example the pay per view task, the mission is to visit the website provided by the client. For each visit you will be paid in dollars.

The point is that this is suitable for those of you who have free time and can do easy tasks. Apart from that, Picoworkers is proven to pay so you don't need to worry.

3. Neobux

The last and easiest is Neobux , neobux is a paid to click program or PTC program for short. The tasks given by NeoBux are quite varied and all easy, for example paying to click, watching advertisements, filling out surveys, playing online games, and many more. Every time you complete a task you will be paid dollars.

First, register on the Neobux site . If you have successfully registered, you can immediately carry out the tasks given by Neobux. Withdrawing money is also easy, you can choose PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer and others.

Neobux is worth trying because it provides very easy tasks among other sites, and neobux is also trusted and proven to pay its users. So you don't need to worry and you can try registering now.


Those are our 3 tips on how to make money from the internet, but you need to remember that making money on the internet also requires hard work and effort. Nothing is instant in this world, as long as you have the intention you can do it.

Indeed, everything looks difficult and the pay is small, but on the other hand, you will also get a positive experience so that in the future you can earn money more easily.

That's all the information and tutorials from us, hopefully it's useful and don't forget to share this article, so that other people can also get knowledge.