Is DANA Wallet Legal?

Illegal DANA Wallet? Read this!

Dana App has become one of the most popular digital finance apps in Indonesia. In this article, we will explore the latest developments of Dana App. Starting from the background of the application, user growth, the addition of new features, collaboration with business partners, to the focus on security and user protection. Check out the latest information about the development of Dana App today.

Background of Dana App

Dana App is a digital financial platform that allows users to make various transactions, including money transfers, bill payments, top up credit, and so on. Launched in 2018, Dana App has managed to attract many users in Indonesia due to its ease of use, speed, and security.

Dana App is one of the digital financial platforms that allows users to conduct various financial transactions through mobile devices such as smartphones. By using Dana App, users can make money transfers, bill payments, top up credit, purchase game vouchers, and much more. This application provides convenience and comfort in managing daily finances.

Features and Functions of Dana App

Dana App offers a variety of features and functions designed to meet the needs of users in managing their finances. Some of the key features available in Dana App include:

Money Transfer: Users can easily make money transfers to friends, family, or business associates without having to use traditional methods such as ATMs or bank transfers.

Bill PaymentsDana App allows users to make monthly bill payments such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, and others quickly and easily.

Top Up Credit: Users can top up credit for their cell phones or for others through Dana App.

Game Voucher PurchaseDana App also provides game voucher purchase services for users who want to top up the balance of their favorite games.

Money LendingDana App users can apply for unsecured loans with a quick and easy process.

User Growth

Since its launch, Dana App has continued to experience significant user growth. In recent years, the number of Dana App users has continued to increase. Support from aggressive promotional programs and marketing campaigns have helped increase public awareness of Dana App as a practical and secure digital financial solution.

New Feature Additions

To maintain its appeal and meet user needs, Dana App regularly adds new features. These features are designed to increase user comfort and convenience in conducting financial transactions. Some of the new features added include integration with e-commerce, offline payments at physical stores, cashback programs, and increased transaction speed.

Collaboration with Business Partners

Dana App also collaborates with various business partners. This collaboration aims to expand the reach of Dana App and provide additional benefits to users. Through partnerships with e-commerce companies, retail stores, and other service providers, Dana App users can enjoy special promotions, discounts, and exclusive offers.

Security and User Protection

In the face of security challenges in the digital world, Dana App continues to improve its security system. Through the use of strong encryption technology and active monitoring of suspicious transactions, Dana App seeks to protect users from fraud and leakage of personal information.

Legality of DANA Application

As a financial application, the legality of Dana App is very important. Since its launch, Dana App has obtained an official license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to operate in Indonesia. This license indicates that Dana App has met the requirements and regulations set by OJK to maintain consumer protection and the integrity of financial markets.

I cannot confirm whether this mutual fund will be registered by OJK in 2023. The registration process can take several months, and there are several factors that can affect the outcome, such as the quality of the fund's documentation, the experience of the fund's management team, and overall financial market conditions.

However, based on my knowledge of the OJK registration process, I believe that there is a good chance that this fund will be registered in 2023. OJK has worked to simplify the registration process, and they have made a concerted effort to attract new funds to the Indonesian market. In addition, the Indonesian economy is currently growing at a healthy pace, which should create a favorable environment for the launch of new mutual funds.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the fund will be registered in 2023. However, I believe that the chances of registration are quite good, and I would encourage you to go ahead with your plans to launch the fund.


According to Cemplung, PT Elang Sejahtera Mandiri is a trading and service company that started operating in 2018. This company was once one hundred percent owned by PT Kreatif Media Karya (KMK), a subsidiary of PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk. When still owned by KMK, as of December 31, 2019, this company had assets worth IDR 942.34 billion. As of December 31, 2020, this company is no longer listed as a domestic KMK asset.


Working capital loans are a form of financing that is widely used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to meet their operational needs. In applying for a working capital loan, it is important for SMEs to choose a financial institution that complies with the rules set by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). This article will explain the characteristics of OJK-compliant working capital loans, so that SMEs can understand and choose the right financing. By not registering the DANA wallet application into domestic KMK assets, it is certain that this application is not registered with the list of pinjol which is supervised by a domestic institution called OJK (Financial Services Authority), you can conclude that this application is ILLEGAL in 2023.


FAQ 1: What is the current number of Dana App users?

The latest data on the number of Dana Application users can be obtained from official Dana Application sources or through public reports issued by related companies.

FAQ 2: What are the new features added in the development of Dana App?

Dana App regularly adds new features to improve user experience. Some of the features that have been added include integration with e-commerce, offline payments, cashback programs, and increased transaction speed.

FAQ 3: How does Dana App work with business partners?

Dana App collaborates with various business partners, such as e-commerce companies and retail stores. This collaboration provides additional benefits to users, such as special promotions, discounts, and exclusive offers.

FAQ 4: Is user security a priority in the development of Dana App?

Yes, user security is a priority in the development of Dana App. The app uses strong encryption technology and conducts active surveillance of suspicious transactions to protect users from fraud and personal information leakage.

FAQ 5: How do I download and use the Dana App?

Dana App can be downloaded via Google Play Store or App Store. Once downloaded, follow the registration steps provided in the app to create an account. Once the account is created, you can start using Dana App to perform various financial transactions such as money transfers, bill payments, and top up credit.

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