How to Spy Smartphone using Spyware

How do you spy someone else's cell phone or smartphone? In this article I will teach you how to spy other people's cellphones using spyware techniques.

If you do not know what spyware is, it is mandatory to read the following article. So that you understand how spyware works.

What is Spyware and How it Works

If you already understand what spyware is, now I will teach you how to spy someone's cell phone using the spyware method.

How to Tap into Other People's Cellphones

First use an application or software called Tispy. Tispy is a spyware application that can control, monitor and tap cell phones.

Register and create an account via the following link Enter your email and password as usual then click Sign up. Please note that new users are only given a 2 day free trial.


The second step is to download and install the application on the target cellphone, to download the application via the following link, the TiSPY App. Make sure to turn off Antivirus and Google Play Protect before installing.

After finishing installing the application, open the application and activate all its features. Also enable all accessibility. If you don't understand, you can check the installation guide here. Installation Guide.

Monitor and Control Remotely

When you have finished configuring the application, you can monitor the cellphone through the panel that has been provided. Make sure that the application has been installed correctly, so that all panel features can be used.

To access the panel, you can go through the following link Parental Control and Monitoring. Enter your login data in the form of email and password. If you have successfully installed the application correctly, the data obtained from the cellphone will appear on the panel. Below is an example

Now that you understand how to tap other people's cellphones using Spyware techniques, don't misuse this application and use it wisely.

That's all the tutorial from me hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article so that other people can also get knowledge.