What is Spyware? - Definition and How to Avoid Spyware


AreaHacking.com – If you use a computer or mobile device a lot, chances are you've heard of spyware. Although this word sounds like a complicated technical term, spyware is actually very common and can compromise your privacy and data security.

In this article, we'll explain what spyware is, how to avoid it, and why it's important to pay attention to its presence.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a type of malicious software designed to monitor user activity on their computer or mobile device. Spyware can enter your device through unauthorized downloads or through phising links.

Once inside, spyware can monitor your online activity, including search history, browsing habits and login details. Spyware can also affect the performance of your device and cause system crashes.

How Spyware Works

Spyware works in the same way as viruses or malware. Spyware will infect your device and start monitoring your online activity. The data collected by the spyware will then be sent back to the hacker or spyware maker.

Some types of spyware can cause your device to slow down and crash. Spyware can also create a backdoor for more dangerous malware or virus attacks.

Spyware Advanced Functions

Spyware has a lot of features and all of them are controlled by the perpetrator or can be called a hacker. Here are some advanced features that spyware can do:

  • Adware: One feature of spyware is that it can display lots of advertisements on the device
  • Tracking: Spyware can track your location in real-time, even knowing your device's location history
  • Trojans: Can collect all the information on your device and can take control of your device, including reading SMS messages, phone call history, Spying WhatsApp messages, Facebook and many more
  • Keyloggers: Spyware is capable of recording everything you type on your device, so this is very dangerous because it could also record the passwords you write.
  • File Manager: Spyware can control, add, and even delete files on your device. This also includes being able to view the contents of the file such as photos, videos, applications and others.
  • And there are many other advanced features that spyware can do.
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Signs of being affected by spyware

Recognizing the signs that your device is infected with spyware can help you avoid it. Some signs of spyware include:

  1. The device feels slow or crashes frequently
  2. The appearance of unwanted pop-up ads 
  3. Changes or loss of photos, videos, browser pages, applications and others
  4. Personal data stolen or disturbed
  5. There are activities that we do not do in certain applications

How to Avoid Spyware

There are several ways to protect your device from spyware attacks and ways to remove spyware from your device, including:

  1. Updating operating system and software: This will help protect your device from bugs and security holes and remove spyware
  2. Install anti-virus or anti-malware to check and remove spyware on your device
  3. Do not download from untrusted sources. Make sure you only download software from trusted sources


Spyware is malicious software designed to monitor your online activity and compromise your privacy and data security. However, there are ways to avoid spyware and keep your device safe.

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