How to Recover a Banned WhatsApp Account – WhatsApp is the most popular social media application in the world today, no wonder it has so many users including young people, adults, business people, and so on. WhatsApp has quite strict rules in securing its application community, so if users violate these rules, they will be warned or even deactivated.

Many people complain that their WhatsApp account suddenly cannot be opened at all and even they cannot use their account anymore, aka deactivated. But take it easy, in this article we will provide ways to open your banned WhatsApp account.

Why Was My WhatsApp Account Banned?

WhatsApp accounts can get banned for violating WhatsApp usage policies. Some common reasons why an account may be banned include sending spam messages, using third-party applications that violate policies, or creating gambling groups that are prohibited by WhatsApp.

Additionally, if your account violates copyright or involves illegal activities, your account may also be banned. If your WhatsApp account has been banned, there are a few steps you can take to unblock it.

How to Recover a Banned WhatsApp Account

The image above shows that your WhatsApp account has been permanently blocked or banned, and there are 3 ways you can recover it. This method can also be used to recover WhatsApp accounts that have been banned for spam, or violated for using third-party applications.

1. Request Review

The first way is to request a review that has been provided by WhatsApp, click "Request Review" and fill in the form with the following sentence:

"Dear WhatsApp, I would like to inform you that my WhatsApp number has been blocked and cannot be used. I have not violated any rules and I always follow the rules set by WhatsApp. Please remove the block on my account, thank you"

Then click "Send". You can also change the sentence above to your preference, but make sure you can convince whatsapp that you are not breaking the rules.

2. Contact WhatsAppp Support

The second method is almost the same as before, the difference is that you report via the whatsapp party contact form here. Fill in the phone number with the disabled whatsapp number, fill in your email address, mention the device you are using. In the message section column fill in the following sentence:

"To WhatsApp, I have not violated any activities and I always follow the rules of WhatsApp but why is my number banned? I didn't do anything. Please release the banning on my account, I have been using WhatsApp for more than 5 years. Here is my cell phone number +182123456789. Thank you."

Don't forget to change the number and year according to yours.

3. Send Email to WhatsApp

Third, also report via whatsapp support email for a faster response. The sentence is the same as the first method and add your disabled whatsapp number, then send it to

Usually it will be replied in about 1-2 working days, they will immediately take your problem seriously.

If it is successfully restored as shown above, it means that you can use your WhatsApp account again, you only need to log in again and verify your account.

The process of opening whatsapp that has been permanently banned or due to spam usually takes a few days, just send a report once and don't repeat it. Sending reports repeatedly only makes the process longer.


It is important to remember that WhatsApp has strict policies regarding usage and violating these policies may cause you to be banned. Therefore, make sure you use WhatsApp in accordance with the terms set. If your account is banned, follow the steps above exactly to recover your WhatsApp account.

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