How to Get Verified on Facebook and Get Blue Tick – Facebook, as one of the largest social media platforms in the world, has a feature that many users really want, the blue tick. This blue tick indicates that the account is official, verified, or authoritative. Getting a blue tick on Facebook is not an easy task, but with the right approach, it can be achieved.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the requirements and ways to get a blue tick on Facebook.

Before getting into how to get it, it is important to understand what a blue tick is on Facebook. The blue tick is a verification mark given by Facebook to accounts or pages that are considered authentic, famous, or of public interest. It helps users to distinguish between official accounts and fake or duplicate accounts.

Requirements for Getting a Verified Badge

To get a blue tick on Facebook, there are a few conditions that must be met. Here are some of them:

Real and Active Account

Facebook will only give a blue tick to accounts or pages that are considered authentic and of public interest. Therefore, make sure that your account or page has a clear and easily verifiable authenticity.

You also need to be active on Facebook frequently, such as frequently sharing content, updating stories, using fb reels, and others. Because Facebook also evaluates the activity on your account, so it is recommended that you should be active often.

Public Interest

Account or page verification requires clear public importance. For example, accounts of celebrities, public figures, famous companies, or organisations that have a major impact in society.

Facebook will check if your account comes from a trusted reading or news source. However, Facebook will not consider the popularity of your account if it comes from promotional or paid content.

Have a Large Number of Followers

Having a lot of followers is not a guarantee of getting a blue tick, but it can help increase the popularity of your account, making it easier to get a blue tick on Facebook.

However, having a lot of followers is an important factor in your Facebook account activity.

Complies with Facebook Community Guidelines

If you want your account to get a blue tick, you must follow all the guidelines and rules set by Facebook. Never violate copyright by using other people's content without permission, avoid sending spam that may annoy other users, and make sure not to engage in illegal acts such as fraud or spreading false information.

By complying with all these, you can increase your chances of getting a blue tick on your account.

Complete Profile

To get a blue tick on Facebook, your profile or Facebook page must be complete. A complete profile includes all the necessary information, such as a real profile picture and a well-filled bio.

In addition, it is also important to be active in activities and posts so that the account looks active and attracts the attention of other users.

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How to Request Verified Badge on Facebook

You can submit a request for a verified badge directly to Facebook. Be sure to follow the guidelines and procedures set out by Facebook in making this request

  • Make sure your account meets all the requirements such as authentic, unique, important and complete as explained previously.
  • Login to Facebook using the application or via the website
  • Enable two-factor authentication, so your account is more secure.
  • Go to the "Help Center" menu and type in "Verified Badge"
  • Next select "Request a verified badge on Facebook"
  • Then click the link that says "fill in this form" and you will see what conditions are required
  • After completing the form, you only need to wait for a decision from Facebook.

By following the steps above and fulfilling the requirements mentioned, you have a better chance of getting a blue tick on Facebook. Keep in mind that this process may take some time and patience.


Achieving a blue tick on Facebook is a proud achievement and can increase the trust of your followers. By understanding the requirements and following the steps explained previously, you can increase your chances of getting the Facebook Verified Badge.

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