How to Unblock a Website URL on Facebook – Facebook is a social media that many people use for any promotion, such as posting products, services, website links, and others. Content creators including bloggers often promote their sites on Facebook to get traffic / visitors, sometimes suddenly the links they share are blocked for no clear reason.

Facebook limits in terms of posting and commenting, if you are too much promotion then most probably facebook thinks you are spamming. So that is why your content is blocked by Facebook, plus Facebook rules are getting stricter now.

Causes of URL Blocked by Facebook

1. The Content May Be Harmful

Pay attention to the content of your site before sharing the website URL, because dangerous content such as phishing, malware, etc., will not be allowed. If you keep posting then facebook will block the content.

2. Sending URLs Too Many Times

Sending URLs too much can cause blocking and will be considered as spam, so you should give some time before resending. Avoid sending the same URL in a short period of time.

3. Your Site Link Reported by Another User

Facebook users may have reported your URL as spam, this can happen due to perhaps several factors. For example, misleading content, fraud, and so on. However, sometimes there are people who deliberately report because they are jealous or hate you.


How to Unlock URLs that have been Blocked by Facebook

Before you look for ways to unblock a blocked URL, you should try a sharing debugger to find out whether your URL is really blocked for violating Facebook's terms or not.

Check if facebook really blocked your site using Sharing Debugger, review the confirmation. If indeed you are violating facebook terms then this means that the content inside your site must be corrected. However, if you are sure that the content of your site does not violate facebook terms then you can appeal by following the steps below.

1. Appeal to Facebook

This is the most powerful way to unblock your site URL, first open the Sharing Debugger page. You must login to facebook before you can use this feature, then in the empty column fill in your URL.


After entering the URL, a notification will appear as shown above, click "please let us know". You will be redirected to the appeal form page.

In the empty column, explain why Facebook should unblock your site URL. Don't forget to use English language so that they understand more easily and tell the URL that is blocked, after completing the form then click "Send"

2. Reporting a Problem

The second way is to report that a feature is not working. Go to help & support beside your profile, select report a problem, click "I have a problem" and a blank field will appear with options for the problem you're experiencing.

Explain the problem you are having and why facebook should unblock your site URL, include screenshot images for proof that you cannot send site links because they are blocked or considered spam. If everything is done then click "Submit"

Next you just need to wait for facebook to review your site URL, both of the above methods require a time process usually 1 week can be more or less. If the appeal is successful then you can post your site link again, but remember not to spam so you don't get blocked again.


Promotion on Facebook is not an easy thing, remembering that Facebook is getting tighter so we must be patient and careful. Do not post the same site link repeatedly in a short time so that it is not considered spam, hopefully this article can help solve your problem.

That's all the tutorials from us, hopefully it's useful and don't forget to share this article, so that other people can also get knowledge.