Download KMSPico for Windows & Office – KMSPico is a software used to activate Microsoft products, such as Windows and Office. Usually, Microsoft products require an official license key to be fully used. However, by using KMSPico, users can activate these products without need to purchase an official license.

The activation method used by KMSPico is called "Key Management Service", actually KMSPico is illegal, but if it is used for Personal and not Commercial, it is safe. KMSPico remains an option for some users who want to use Microsoft products without the need to buy expensive licenses.

How to Install and Use KMSPico

  1. Download the latest version KMSPico below
  2. Disable antivirus and Windows Security or Windows Defender
  3. Extract KMSPico file, (you will required password for extract)
  4. Run KMSpico.exe
  5. Open KMSpico Programs ( this is automatically activate the Windows or Office )

Download KMSPico Latest Version

  • Version : Version 10.2.0
  • Latest Update : February 2024
  • File Type : Zip and Exe
  • Size : 3.4 MB
  • Original / Crack : Final

Download KMSPico Windows & Office Activator

(Password :