How to Recover Your Facebook Account
– Are you having trouble logging back into your facebook account because you forgot your password? If yes, then you have read the right article. We understand how important social media accounts are to some people, and therefore in this article we will provide a guide to recovering your lost facebook account.

Below we will provide several solutions that can help you to recover your Facebook account, especially if your account is an original account then it will most likely be successfully recovered and can be accessed again. So make sure your account doesn't violate Facebook's terms and conditions.

3 Ways to Recover Forgotten Facebook Account Password

1. Use a Google Account as an Alternative to Login

First open in your browser, then enter the email registered on your Facebook account. Then select the option "Use my Google account", after that you can successfully log in to your Facebook account, and you can also change it to a new password.

This method can only be done if you have linked your Facebook account to your email.

2. Recovering Account Through Password Reset

Open the page in your browser, click "Start", enter a new email to log in. Facebook will send a code to confirm that the email is yours, and follow the message instructions sent to your email.

Generally, this method is suitable for recovering original accounts, if your account is indicated as fake then it will most likely not be restored.

3. Use the Social Media Recovery Application

This application functions to recover almost all social media accounts, one of which is a Facebook account. If you have tried the 2 methods above and have not succeeded, then use the social media recovery application. The way this application works is to send an email request to apply for account recovery, if successful you will receive an email containing a link to log back into your account.

This application is suitable for those of you who want to recover social media accounts that have forgotten passwords, hacked, lost, and so on. Download the Social Media Recovery app here


Those are 3 ways to recover a facebook account that forgot everything, so you don't need to panic when you lose your facebook account. Just follow the 3 ways above and don't forget to always take care of your facebook account.

That's all the tutorials from us, hopefully it's useful and don't forget to share this article, so that other people can also get knowledge.