How to Hack Facebook Account with Termux – Hacking a Termux FB account is a method for hacking a Facebook account using the Termux application and script. You can try to hack someone else's Facebook account by entering the target's ID or email, then waiting until the script finds the password. However, you must remember that hacking is an illegal activity and should not be attempted. You may be subject to legal or ethical sanctions if you hack someone else's Facebook account without permission.

The Termux application is a terminal emulator application that can be used to run various Linux commands on Android devices. And the Termux Script functions as a tool to hack Facebook, you could say the main role of hacking Facebook. By combining the two, you can try to hack other people's Facebook accounts easily.

How to Crack Facebook Accounts with Termux

Each script has different ways of working and features, such as bruteforce attacks, login tokens, phishing, and others. If the script runs successfully, you will get the password or target information you want.

However, you must be careful when using the Termux FB account hack, because this method does not always work and you must be responsible for all risks and consequences that may occur as a result of using the Termux FB account hack.

To start hacking Facebook using Termux you need to follow the steps below!

First download the Termux application, you can just download it on PlayStore, if you want to download Termux directly via F-Droid ( Download Termux F-Droid )

After Termux is successfully installed on the device, immediately open the Termux application then run the following command:

  • pkg upgrade && pkg update
  • termux-setup-storage
  • pkg install python
  • pkg install git
  • pip install bs4
  • pip install requests
  • pip install mechanize
  • pip install futures
  • cd downloads
  • python (filename).py

Once successful there will be a login screen, just log in using your Facebook cookies, after that it will look like this

Next, just type the number (1), then choose how many targets you want. My suggestion is to use number 1 option first, then enter the target ID (your friend's Facebook ID or Group ID). Then Enter and the cracking process will start.

Here we got 2 accounts and is still in the cracking process, it is possible that he will get more than 10 accounts/one crack, if you want to continue cracking again you can do the same method.

For the Script File, you just need to contact the Owner

Whatsapp :

Telegram :

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