How to Get Free Facebook Followers and Likes –  Facebook is a very popular social media in the World, no wonder many people want to have many followers. Actually to increase the number of followers and likes on Facebook is quite easy, there are paid tricks and some are free.

But don't worry, in this article we will share a tutorial on getting followers and likes for free. But before that, make sure you have a backup Facebook account, so that your main account remains safe.

How to Increase Free Facebook Followers

First visit the website this site provides completely free services, ranging from auto followers, auto likes, auto reactions and much more. So next enter your Facebook account into the website, remember to use a fake account not a personal account.

Qlizz will ask for access token on your facebook account, so after successfully logging in save the access token. So that when logging in you don't need to enter the Account again but use that token earlier.


After successfully entering the Qlizz panel, please select the auto followers feature to add followers to your account. The method is quite easy, you just need to enter the profile link of the account you want to give followers to.

When you enter the account profile link, fill it with your personal Facebook account link, not a fake account link. Then wait until the process is complete, if the process is complete then the followers will enter your account.

How to Get Free Facebook Likes

Next is how to get likes for posts on Facebook, first go to the Qlizz Autoliker page as shown in the picture above. Then log in as previously explained above.

You only need to use 1 backup account to log in to Qlizz, no need to create multiple accounts to try each feature. You only need to enter the token access code that you previously obtained.

After successfully logging in, in the "Enter Post Link" column, enter the link to your Facebook post that will be given likes.  Make sure your post is open to the public so that the likes come in. Wait for the process to complete then the number of likes on your post will automatically increase.


Getting a lot of followers and likes on Facebook is fun, but it's dangerous because it can lead to your Facebook account being deactivated, so it's better not to use services like this if you don't want to happen.

So that's all tutorial from us hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article so that other people can also get knowledge.