What is Phishing Attack ? Definition and How to Avoid Phising


AreaHacking.com – What does phishing mean? how often people become victims of these phishing actions. Now you must often see in the news that the victims of phishing are many, usually a bank account Haha 😂.

And now in this article we wants to explain what phishing is and how to avoid phishing. If you already understand what phising is, you can skip this step and read how to make phising website.


Phishing is an attempt to get someone's data information with phishing techniques. The data targeted by phishing is personal data (name, age, address), account data (username and password), and financial data (credit card information, accounts).

The official term of phishing is phishing, which comes from the word fishing, which is fishing.
Phishing activities are intended to lure people to provide personal information voluntarily without realizing it. Though the information shared will be used for criminal purposes.

Phishing perpetrators usually appear as authorized parties or institutions. By using convincing-looking fake websites or emails, many people are successfully deceived.

Phishing websites have often been done by hackers to trap someone he targets or trap the whole person so that he gets a personal advantage.

So how to avoid phishing? here are the tips

1. Never trust incoming SMS messages. usually the perpetrator will try to trap his target via SMS, it's in the form of a trick to get credit, get a lottery or cash and all kinds of things.

2. Pay attention to every website that has similar characteristics. Hackers often create phishing websites to trick victims into entering data information on a website.

3. Fake Email. Very often the perpetrator makes fake emails continue to send messages lure of any gift, but when the message is categorized as Spam, sometimes it doesn't appear ordered in.

4. I've never given you indiscriminate information. If you can, when filling in the information, make sure the trsbut service is trusted, sometimes if you just give the WhatsApp number, you will receive spam message from the Online Gambling chat, right 😂.

5. Fake Social Media Accounts. Often hackers create plagiarism accounts to find victims of phishing, now this technique is combined with Social Engineering or other words Sociology.

By applying the 5 tips above you can keep yourself from phishing attacks. For those of you who want to learn about how to create a phishing website, you can check here ( How to Create a Phishing Website ) But remember, this is only for education and should not be abused.

That's all the information from us hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article so that other people can also get knowledge.