What is Heylink.me ? and How to Earn Money From Heylink


AreaHacking.com –  Some time ago I saw on blogger forums and wordpress a lot of talk about Heylink.me then I tried to find out about the site. It turns out that the site is similar to a linktree, or in other words its function is to store several site links in one place.

However, uniquely we can also make money from the site. No wonder many people use it apparently because of this. So for those of you who want additional income, you can try this heylink. Here are the steps to make money through heylink.

Register an Account on Heylink.me Site

Register and login as usual on Heylink.me site, after successfully entering the dashboard page. Enter the link you want to add, after that you can adjust the appearance of the page and add other features.

Some features cannot be used in free mode, so you have to buy the Pro service to be able to enjoy all its features such as Custom Domain, SEO Keywords, UTM Campaign and many more.

How to Make Money on Heylink.me

To make money here is quite easy, first open the Earn page and do all the necessary conditions.  It is mandatory to link to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Tiktok.  Don't forget to add your Heylink.me profile to your social media bio.

After all the conditions have been fulfilled, you can monetize your Heylink.me site, just attach your Heylink.me link to Google Adsense and wait for a reply from Adsense.  If you have received messages from Adsense then your site has started earning money.


So you already know what Heylink.me is and how to get money from the site, it's quite easy isn't it.  But in my personal opinion it's not worth it, because it only gives profit to Heylink company., so it's better to take care of your own website and focus on one goal.

But the decision is up to you, you can also use Heylink as a means of backlinks haha ​​or for other purposes.

So that's all information and tutorials from us hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article so that other people can also get knowledge.