Use this Method to Track a Scammer's WA Number

Use this Method to Track a Scammer's WA Number

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world today, with millions of active users every day. However, despite its practicality, WhatsApp is also a hotbed for scammers who use the platform to steal personal information and trick people for unauthorized financial gain. In this article, we will discuss how to track a scammer's WhatsApp number and how to protect yourself from this potential threat.

Before we understand how to track a scammer's WhatsApp number, it is important to understand who these scammers actually are. WhatsApp scammers are people or groups who use fake identities or fake accounts to commit fraud through the WhatsApp app. They can use a variety of tricks to achieve their goals, including posing as a friend, family member, or even an official representative of a particular institution to obtain sensitive information from the victim or even ask them to transfer money.

As smart WhatsApp users, it is important to recognize the signs of these scams so that we can easily avoid them. Some common signs of WhatsApp scams include:

1. Unknown Number
2. Urgent and Suspicious Messages
3. Request for Personal Information

Therefore, this application is also very often used to track the identity of a fraudster through a WA number. Later, the list of names of the number owner will be immediately visible, allowing you to find out who the real person is.

Well, if you're curious how to do it, just take a look at Admin's short and easy explanation below!

1. How to Track Someone's Location with mSpy

The mSpy app is one of the mobile monitoring software designed to help parents or company owners keep an eye on the activities on the target mobile device. It is used legally and is commonly used by parents who want to protect their children from online dangers or business owners who want to ensure the safety and productivity of their employees' mobile devices.

It can even hack and monitor other social media platforms including Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. So, how do you track a scammer's wa number using this app? Scroll down!

a. Go to mSpy official website
b. Select the subscription plan and fill in the billing information.
c. Get an email with login information after the payment is done.
d. Follow the instructions in the app.

2. How to Track WA Number with iSharing

The iSharing app is a location tracking app designed to help users track the location of friends, family or team members in real-time. The main purpose of this application is to increase the safety and security of users, especially in emergency situations or when they want to ensure the whereabouts of loved ones.

Here's how to use iSharing to track WhatsApp numbers:

a. Open the iSharing app.
b. Tap the "Add Friend" option.
c. Click on WhatsApp button, send invitation to friend.
d. Make them approve your friend request.
e. Done! Their location will be instantly tracked.

3. How to Track WA Location Using TrackView

The TrackView app is a tracking and surveillance application designed to help users secure their homes, families, and valuable assets. The main purpose of this application is to provide real-time video monitoring and accurate location tracking to improve security.

This application has a variety of uses, namely from monitoring, tapping, to spying on someone with camera access and cellphone location you can do secretly with this one tapping application.

The admin will explain how to use this application to track the scammer's WA number:

a. Download the TrackView application on the cell phone that will be bugged and tapped.
b. Open the TrackView application by logging in using the same Gmail account between the two phones used.
c. Go to the three-button section with menus (camera access, location access, options) on the main page.
d. Click the camera button to get access to the other phone's camera.
e. Set the front or rear camera to be used.
f. Click the location button.
g. The location of the second user of the cellphone appears.

4. How to Find WA Location on iPhone

For you iPhone users, Admin also has a way to find out the location of WA on this Apple-made cellphone. The secret is to use the iSharing application.

This application is actually available for Android, but mostly used by iPhone users. You can see the location of friends/relatives in real time and record their trips.

The use of this application is suitable for parents who want to keep an eye on their children. To use iSharing, follow these steps from admin:

a. Download and install iSharing here.
b. Open the app.
c. Perform initial configuration (if required).
d. Click on the WhatsApp icon.
e. Select Send invitations to friends.
f. Take the target phone, click Accept the invitation that you have sent before.
g. The location of the target phone will be connected to your phone.

5. How to Track the Location of an Off Cell Phone

Lost your phone but not sure if it's still on or dead? Don't worry, you still have hope to find it through this method. Listen well, yes.

a. Open the Google Maps app
b. Click on the small triangle icon on the right side of the page
c. Select Add Account
d. Enter the email address registered on the lost phone
e. Write down the password
f. Click I Agree
g. Click on the small triangle icon at the top left of the page
h. Click Timeline
i. You can track your phone's last whereabouts before it died

What to Do If You Become a Victim of WhatsApp Scam?

Despite trying to prevent it, sometimes one may fall into the trap of WhatsApp scammers. If this happens, take the following steps immediately:

Disconnect and Block the Scammer

Stop any form of interaction with the scammer, block their number, and delete the conversation.

Inform Friends and Family

Inform your friends and family about this incident so that they can also be vigilant.

Report the Incident to the Authorities

Report this scam to the authorities so that they can help you resolve the issue.

That's all the tutorial from us, hopefully it will be useful and don't forget to share this article.

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