How to Create GDPR Message in Google Adsense – This year Google Adsense is notifying that all publishers are required to use GDPR messages. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, in short GDPR serves to protect user data from being misused.

So if you are a website owner as well as having Adsense, then installing a GDPR message is mandatory. This rule comes into effect on July 19, 2023, but how do I post the message? Therefore, in this article we will teach you to create a GDPR message while installing it on your website. So that the GDPR notification in Adsense is gone.

How to Enable GDPR Messaging in Adsense

First Step:

Open your Adsense dashboard page, then if there is a notification appears in red click the words Create GDPR Message. You'll be redirected to the GDPR message creation page

Name your GDPR message, in the setup section select your site and enter the url of the privacy policy page on your site, and name and select the site logo. If everything is correct then click Confirm. For example, like my website below.

Step Two:

On the consent menu select the language of the GDPR message to be displayed, we use English for this. Under User selection, enable both options and the Don't allow select off section.

In the account settings options section you can ignore it, or use this option only if your website collects user information for a purpose. Here's an example.

Third Step:

You don't need to change the Manage options, Ad partners, Revocation links features. But if indeed your website collects information related to users then check the option that you think is needed.

For the visual style section you can change to your taste, we use the default visual style and don't change anything. Because we think it's already good.

Last Step:

When everything is set up, you just have to press the Go Live button at the top of the right corner. It's done, that's it, it's easy, isn't it. After that you will receive a notification that your website has successfully served a GDPR message.

Usually the GDPR message will appear in the next 1 hour, but if the warning message in Adsense has not disappeared there is no need to worry. Just wait for some time, it will definitely disappear.

To see the results, open the Privacy & Messages section of Adsense, where you will see that your site has displayed a GDPR message

Benefit of displaying GDPR messages

One of the benefits is that users know better that their data is safe and not misused on the site. In addition, displaying a GDPR message will make your site's reputation increase and be trusted.

Especially in European Union countries so that you can serve ads as much as possible, if your ads are maximized then the revenue results also increase. So we think the GDPR message is quite useful and must be displayed.


Actually displaying a GDPR message is not mandatory, but for Adsense publishers it is mandatory to create a GDPR message and display it on the publisher's site. So in our opinion it is better to follow the rules of Adsense than to have to lose revenue or lose ads.

So that's all tutorials from us hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article.