How to Hack Gmail Using Hydra


Gmail is an email messaging service owned by the famous company Google, and often gmail users complain because their accounts are hacked, over time many people are looking for tutorials on how to hack gmail accounts. Now we want to give you a free tutorial, look carefully.

1. Preparation

Install Hydra on Termux / Linux

$ apt update && apt upgrade -y
$ apt install hydra or pkg install hydra

You also need a wordlist to crack it, you can download the wordlist here. Or you can also create wordlist for yourself so that will more accurate 😅 wordlist.

You must know the smtp server and the email port you want to crack, I will give some SMTP server and port some email server below.

Smtp Server and Multiple Port Email Servers:

  • Yahoo
    Port 465
  • Gmail
    Port 465
  • Hotmail
    Port 587
  • Mail
    port 587
  • Outlook
    Port: 587

2. How to Use Hydra

Type the following command in termux or linux
 hydra -l -P -s -S -v -V -t 1 smtp:// smtp mailer server


  • l = this is not a capital "i", but a lowercase L
  • the email you want to crack, for example:
  • where is your wordlist file, for example: /storage/sdcard/wordlist.txt
  • port of the email server you want to crack
  • SMTP server from the email server that you want to crack, you can see above.

Example : hydra -l -P /storage/sdcard1/wordlist.txt -s 465 -S -v -V -t 1 smtp://

After you finish typing the command above you press enter, you should know if this process depends on the wordlist, if the account password is on the wordlist then the results are successful.

The hydra script or tools display like below:


That's all the tutorial from us hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article so that other people can also get knowledge.