How To Hack Instagram Account 2023


Do you want to get a free Instagram account with lots of followers? Well, this time I want to give a tutorial on how to crack an Instagram account with the newest method, you know. Stay the same as before, use the Termux application to run the script.

Ok, first prepare the Termux application and a stable internet connection, then install all of the following materials on Termux. But if there are materials that you have previously installed, you don't need to install them again.

  • apt-get update -y
  • apt-get upgrade -y
  • pkg install python -y
  • pkg install python2 -y
  • pkg install bash
  • pkg install git -y
  • pip install lolcat
  • pkg install tor
  • git clone

How to Run an Instagram Hack Script

If all the materials have been installed, now open a new session or new session in Termux, then type tor, then the tor program will run on its own.  Wait for the tor process to complete 100%.

If you have run tor then run the Instagram hack script, return to the initial session then type the following command.

  • ls
  • cd ighack
  • ls
  • bash setup
  • bash

After that, the script will appear like the following.

The features in this script are pretty good, because there are 2 options, namely Auto Attack and Manual Attack. If Auto Attack means we only need to enter the username of the account to be hacked and wait for the results. If Manual Attack means we need a wordlist which will later be used to hack Instagram accounts.

Please choose which option, just type in the number. After that, the script looks like this.

Then enter the username of the Instagram account you want to hack, and wait for the cracking process to finish. Depending on the difficulty level of the password on the account, if successful, you will get the Instagram account.

That's all the tutorial from me, hopefully it will be useful and don't forget to share this article, because sharing is important