How To Hack Facebook Account 2023


Want to know how to crack a Facebook account? Yes, incidentally, this time I will teach you how to get other people's Facebook accounts by cracking bulk Facebook accounts.

Just like before, keep using the Termux application. So make sure you have downloaded Termux via F-Droid, don't download Termux from Playstore, because it's already outdated.

How to Crack Facebook Bulk Account

First type the command below to install the required materials, but if you have previously installed them, there is no need to reinstall these materials.

  • pkg install python2 -y
  • pkg install git -y
  • pip2 install requests mechanize tqdm
  • git clone
  • cd Sensei
  • chmod +x *
  • python2
  • if it doesn't work, type python2

After that, the script will appear like below.

The next step is to select the available options, you can crack from cellphone numbers, emails, friend lists and more. Just type in the number and then enter.

If the tool is running, it will look like the following.

Wait for the cracking process to finish, depending on the security of each account. My advice is to choose crack from the friend list because you usually get a lot.

If you have got the results, please try to log into the account, usually someone got a checkpoint or session. Good luck.

That's all the information from me hopefully useful and don't forget to share this article so that other people can also get knowledge.