How To Perform a DDoS Attack


DDoS Attack is a cyber attack that aims to bring down a server or website, and this DDoS attack is quite difficult to prevent. DDoS stands for (Distributed Denial of Service). For those of you who don't understand what DDoS is, you can read the following article. Understanding What is DDoS and How to Prevent It  

If you already understand and understand what DDoS is, now is the time to learn how to carry out a DDoS attack. First you need to prepare a tool called LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), LOIC is one of the best tools for DDoS attacks. You can download it here and don't forget to turn off the antivirus then run the tools.

How to Do a DDoS Attack

First run the tools, then in the URL column enter the url or address of the site you want to attack, for example and click Lock On.

After the IP address appears then click Charging My Laser

It's finished and just waiting for the process until the website server is down, you can also set the attack speed, the type of attack you want to send and the message to the website owner. Examples like the image below.

Easy right hehe, maybe later I will make a tutorial on how to do a DDoS Attack on mobile phone version.

So that's all the tutorial from me, I hope this is useful and don't forget to share so that other people can also get knowledge.