Free Mining Apps For Android 2023


The newest mining application on Android is the Flying Sail Gem, what is the Flying Sail Gem? Flying Sail Gem is a mining application that utilizes our mobile phones to browse advertisements. Then we will be paid with gems, later these gems can be exchanged for money.

The price for 1 gem changes every day, usually in the price range of 3 - 4 thousand IDR. And the minimum withdrawal is 50 thousand IDR or the equivalent of 15 gems. It's quite a lot haha.

How to Use Flying Sail Gems

First, download the flying sail gem application on the playstore or here , after that open the application and register.

If you have registered, you will immediately see the main menu of the application, for example like below.

How to Get Gems

Next is how to get gems? You don't need to work hard, you only need to activate the "Gems ADS" button and let the application run in the background.

Every time you restart your cellphone, make sure to reactivate the button, if the button is red, it means it is not active, if the button is green, then the application is active and starts generating gems.

How to exchange gems for money

Exchanging gems with money is very easy, click the Wallet menu and enter the number of gems you want to exchange. Automatically the application will determine the amount of money we get.

Make sure the number of your gems is sufficient before exchanging with money, if the gems are not enough you can trade or collect first.

How To Withdraw Money In Flying Sail Gem

Before withdrawing money, you must first verify your identity or KYC, after that you can withdraw the money.

To withdraw money, click the Wallet menu, at the very top, click Withdraw, then fill in the nominal amount you want to withdraw.

Is the Flying Sail Gem Really Paying?

In my opinion, this application has just been released and they have proven that they have paid their users, you can see reviews of the application on Playstore.

I also joined the WhatsApp Flying Sail Gem group, lots of users have shown the results of withdrawing their money, here I am attaching one of them.

Pretty impressive isn't it hehe, so what's wrong with trying it first, as long as you don't ever top up or deposit. Because I never suggest like that, at your own risk.

So that's all the information from me, I hope it's useful and please don't forget to share it so that other people can also get a fortune.