How to Get Paid For Browsing Websites


Just click the link and browse the website can get $5 dollars, curious right. For those of you who are curious, you must see the method below until completion, and it is certainly easy and proven to pay.

But you must have a laptop or computer, then also prepare the firefox application on your laptop or computer. Because later it is needed to do the mission, so if you don't have a laptop or computer then you can't get money from this website.

How to Earn Money From Clicks Link

First open the ClicksPaid site then register and create an account there, how to register is very easy you only need to fill in your email and click Register. After successfully registering then login or click Sign In, on the home page you will see the amount of balance that has been obtained. An example is as follows.

That's an example of mine, then to make money you need to download an extension. On the home page click the Software menu to download the extension, after completing the download then install the extension. If the extension is installed you can open it, for example as follows.

To do the task click Get Task, then it will automatically open a new tab, but if it says No available task then try a few moments later. After the new tab is open, there will be a notification to complete the mission, press Ctrl + V together then click enter to search for the results of the keyword. Here is an example.

Search and find the website specified by the mission, the website will be marked by its extension with a pink background colour. In order for you to find it easily and not make mistakes, please note that do not type the url of the website, for example like areahacking .com, because it can cause your task fail.

If you have found the intended website then you automatically see the website link with a pink background, for example as follows.

Then click on the website link and wait for about 1 - 2 minutes, do not close the website until you will automatically be directed back to the extension tab. If you automatically return to the extension page, it means that the task is complete and get a dollar commission. Here's an example.

Every time you complete a task, you will get a commission of $0.5 - $0.10 dollars, that's per click. There is no limit on tasks per day, so you can complete as many tasks as possible. For a minimum withdrawal is $5 dollars, you can withdraw money via Paypal or Bitcoin.

That's all the information from me, hopefully it will be useful and don't forget to share this article, because sharing is important