How To Hack a Facebook Account Using Termux 2023


How to hack someone else's facebook account? ok without further in this article i want to give a tutorial on how to hack the latest facebook account using termux.

First prepare the F-Droid version of the Termux application, don't use the termux on thePlaystore, if you don't know what F-Droid is, you can Download the F-Droid version of Termux here  

Open the termux apk and type the command below to install the facebook account hack script.

  • $ pkg update && pkg upgrade
  • $ pkg install python git
  • $ pip install requests mechanize
  • $ pip install rich bs4
  • $ pip install stdiomask
  • $ pkg install play-audio
  • $ pip install --upgrade pip
  • $ git clone
 After installing the script now run the script by typing the command below
  • Ls
  • cd BMBF
  • python

The initial view of the script is as follows

Done, you just have to select the script menu that has been provided, starting from Bulk Public Account Crack (Bulk FB Hack) and Crack Followers, if you try the Bulk Public Crack feature then the results are as follows


This script is still very new and certainly works, if there are problems related to the script, you can just report the Report Bug Sc feature or convey it in the comments column, I will help later.

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