How To Track Someone Phone Location

Hello guys have you ever heard about tracking someone with IP Address ? if you don't know then i will teach you. all you need is just internet connection and some tricks to lure the target to click on a link.

Okay the First thing you need to visit this website ( Grabify IP Logger ) and then you need to create the URL, use random links or whatever you like to disguise. in this time i will use my website for example.

And then click Create URL, everything is done all you need is to share the link. if someone click your link, you will get information log about him. and don't forget to turn on the feature of Smart Logger.


The results will show if someone click your link, below is an example. you can click More Info to get the details information of that IP Address.

Nah maybe that's all the tutorial from me, I hope it's useful and don't forget to share this article okay 😁👍. 

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